The reason behind SALTS 

The idea of SALTS stemmed from some very personal life experiences for me. With almost losing my own life when giving birth to my twins my faith in the western medicine dwindled and put me on a search for holistic natural approaches to health. Around that same time my husbands father was diagnosed with lung cancer. He eventually died ironically at the same age as his father who also died from lung cancer. This scared me and made me believe that my husband as well would die from that same disease at that same age. So I started searching for an answer.


Years of researching for preventative ways to help heal our bodies, I decided on the three therapies that would best help my family; Halotherapy (Skin And Lung Therapy Sessions/ cleaners), Floatation Therapy (anxiety and pain) and Infrared Sauna Therapy (detox of organs and pain relief). It made sense to share these therapies with our friends, families and communities who were also wanting that same relief and different approach their health. 


About Our Salts Facility


At SALTS we have three amazing therapies that help to naturally heal, detox or help the body.


The first therapy is Halotherapy. A beautifully decorated room, hand built with Organic Himalayan salt. Organic Salt tiles on the floor with loose salt on the ground and an entire wall of back-lit salt bricks helps to create the perfect relaxing ambiance making it easy to remove the stress of the day; allowing the Salty air blowing into the room to do its job.  Our salt room is one of only 250 currently in the USA and CANADA combined and the FIRST in the Sacramento Area.  We used only the most pristine salts of the ancient and majestic Himalayan mountain ranges of Pakistan. Our salt room provides you with a clean and beautiful ambient atmosphere to relax in as you begin to regain and re-balance your health. Our room is rich in negative ions due to that amount of Himalayan salt that is in the room.  In addition, our machine (halo generator) is turned on and blows the micronized pharmaceutical grade salt into the room. This is where you receive the real benefits; respiratory and skin condition help.  Halotherapy is even medically covered in many european countries (although it is not  covered in the USA).  While in the room, you may notice a salty taste on your lips, but apart from that you won’t really see much as the particles are so small. The climate conditions in our Halotherapy rooms maintain very specific temperature, humidity levels and proper ventilation to ensure the efficacy of the halo-therapy and provide a ‘clean-air’ environment to our clients.


The second therapy is our Infrared Sauna Therapy.  Unlike traditional Saunas, our medical grade sauna can penetrate 1 to 1 1/2 inches deep into the skin heating the core of the body rather then just the surface. It should be no surprise that the Infrared was used by our fire fighters in 9/11 to help detox their bodies from the toxins, poisons, and heavy metals since the infrared sauna is one of the only things that has this capability.  Our private shower in the infrared suite makes for an even safer detox since you have the ability to shower whenever you want washing the toxins off your skin instead of reabsorbing them. We have a commercial Infrared Sauna with 0 EMF's; it doesn't get any safer then this .


Our last therapy is our floatation therapy. If you are looking for just any float facility there are several, however if you are looking for the best floatation suites in the area there is one: SALTS. Unlike the typical float pods or float tanks you may have seen, we pride ourselves on providing the best suites in the area and have the only Double floatation suite in the Northern California.  With up to 1200 pounds of Epsom salt in up to 12 inches of water, you float on the water like you would float in the dead sea of Israel. Peaceful music, your own music, or just complete silence. You can float with light or in the dark; Your experience is up to you, as we have made sure we can accommodate everyones preferences.  While some people may be claustrophobic, this isn't a worry for our floats as we have very large suites with a glass door. At SALTS, we provide all the necessary amenities that one might need, so just bringing your self and enjoy your experience!


So what is SALTS? It is a holistic spa like environment that helps everyone. Whether you currently have serious issues, you are looking for natural preventative ways to improve your health, or you are just looking for an amazing experience that one can only find in a handful of places in the world, SALTS can help! Come in and try one or all of our amazing therapies. Isn't it time you GetSalted?



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Halotherapy room Child Saltroom  Superior Floatation Suite

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