Alyssa - Manger:

She has worked at SALTS for almost 1 year. Licensed Esthetician. Hobbies include, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and going to sporting events. She likes working at SALTS because she has a passion for helping people and making others feel good about themselves.

 Julia -  Spa Attendant:

She has worked for SALTS for almost 2 years. She is a Senior at Granite Bay High School. Her hobbies include, Singing, dancing, drawing and writing. She likes working at Salts because, the clients are nice, fellow employees are passionate and hardworking, likes the mix of hard work as well as the relaxing environment.

  Fatima - Spa Attendant:

She has worked for SALTS for almost 6 Months. She is currently attending Sierra College getting her AA in Sociology, Social Science and Behavioral Studies with plans to go to Sac State to get her Masters in Sociology. Her hobbies include camping, cooking and planning her Wedding. She loves working at Salts learning about new therapies and their many benefits that they have for people.


 Camille - Spa Attendant

She is currently attending Sierra college for computer science getting her Associates Degree after this current fall semester. She plans on pursuing her Bachelors at Sac State.  In her free time she enjoys embroidery, cooking, and making things out of clay. She enjoys working at SALTS because of the kind and warm environment and appreciates the genuine care Salts provides.